Scanmatic corona information

Dear customer

In recent days there has been a dramatic development in the spread of coronavirus.

Scanmatic is closely following the authorities’ advice and continuously introduces the recommended measures and guidelines. Our goal is to ensure normal operation and maintenance of service & support to all our customers as far as possible.

Currently we are staffed and fully operational at our head office in Arendal. All of our support systems, including telephone and switchboard, work regardless of where we are physically located.

We therefore plan to maintain a normal level of service even if we have to send employees home to work from home office. Like most companies, we have imposed restrictions on travel and participation in physical meetings and gatherings.

This could affect our ability to perform support locally. Such assignments will be individually risk-assessed in relation to the possibility of maintaining proper infection control during implementation. We request that any service and support needs be reported as usual to:

Email: or directly to their contact person (as usual)

Phone: 370 59 500 (switchboard) / 924 17 826 (support from Clas de Presno)

Mobile: Contact their contact person / project engineer directly.

Due to closed schools and kindergartens, we probably need to mobilize more resources than usual to maintain preparedness. Therefore, there may be a need to be granted remote access to employees other than those who tend to serve you. We therefore ask that you have a plan and the necessary rights to grant new access.

General questions about Scanmatics policy regarding coronavirus can be directed to (HSE responsible).


Kim Steinsland


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