Scanmatic Elektro sold to OneCo

Scanmatic AS has together with the 3 minority shareholders in the company sold all shares in Scanmatic Elektro AS to OneCo. The agreement was signed on 15 July and the transaction was completed on 11 August after the Norwegian Competition Authority recently approved the change of ownership.

Scanmatic Elektro was established as a subsidiary of Scanmatic AS in 2012. Since its establishment, 51% of the shares in the company have been owned by Scanmatic AS, while 3 key employees in the company have owned the remaining 49%. The background for the establishment was to provide Scanmatic AS with market access to deliver automation and instrumentation systems for large transport projects, both in connection with the establishment and upgrading of road and tunnel facilities. Both companies have succeeded well in this. Scanmatic Elektro quickly established itself as one of the country’s leading electrical contractors in transport, and the parent company Scanmatic AS took a similar position in automation (SRO) and instrumentation in this market segment. After 8 years of successful collaboration that has led to strong and profitable growth, both market access and share are now considered as a result of the establishment as achieved. Based on that, the decision to sell the company’s 51% of the shares in Scanmatic Elektro was made at the end of last year. With this, Scanmatic AS returns to its primary strategy, which is to be an independent technology supplier within instrumentation, automation and industrial IT. We wish Scanmatic Elektro good luck in the future under new ownership and look forward to carrying out new and exciting transport projects both with them and other good electrical contractors in the future.

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