Water and wastewater monitoring


It has gradually become very useful and important for municipalities to have control over water and drains. Scanmatic provides systems for both control and monitoring of such systems. Control cabinets for drainage foam have been installed, as well as control cabinets with distributed I / O for monitoring of pipe break valve, control valve, flow meter and pressure gauge at several pump stations


Scanmatic AS has experience in management, regulation and monitoring. We designed and produced the control cabinets and programmed the PLC. Scanmatic is also responsible for the installation of the control cabinets at the pump station. Various types of solenoid valves from known makers have been used. These are regulated by PLC with pressure sensor as reference. PLC is programmed by Scanmatic and communicates with existing PLCs at the pump station via Modbus TCP. The PLC also contains HMI images that show an overview of water consumption in other zones in the municipality

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