Dam and Structural Monitoring


Scanmatic monitors mechanical structures and some possible applications are shown below:
  • Detection of penstock failure.
  • Measurement of structural changes in dam.
  • Measurement of pore pressure around or under dam.
  • Measurement of water leakage from dam.
  • Measurement of turbidity in water leaking from dam.
  • Measurement of temperature profile in dam.
  • Monitoring of sand trap.


Penstock failure can be detected in several ways. Water flow entering the penstock is measured. If the water flow is much bigger than the maximum flow through the turbine, the penstock protection valve is activated. It is also possible to compare the waterflow entering the penstock with the amount of water flowing through the turbine. If the water flow entering the penstock is much bigger that what flows through the turbine, the penstock protection vale is activated. This solution requires communication between both ends of the penstock. Measurement of the temperature in a profile of the dam during winter may indicate that water is entering the dam. The same can be detected by measurement of turbidity in the leakage water from the dam.  

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