Harsh Environment Solution

Scanmatic has, through more than 40 years of experience, accumulated a unique competence for designing solutions that shall be used in places with limited infrastructure and in a hostile and harsh environment. The individual solution is designed for the environment it will be deployed in. A station powered from a mains supply is usually installed in a rugged cabinet, and it is equipped with a heating element and a thermostat used to prevent condensation inside the cabinet. A station powered from a solar panel cannot use the heating element because of the high power used by the heating element. An isolated cabinet or a “cabined inside a cabinet” solution is used instead. The cabinets used are typically made of aluminum and has an IP code of IP-66. Cabinets for other IP-codes can be delivered on demand. We deliver cabinets made of composite materials for indoor use or for use as the inner cabinet in a “cabinet inside a cabinet” solution. We also deliver cabinets in stainless steel on demand. Solar panels are reinforced to survive high wind, heavy snow and ice. The solar panel can be mounted on wall, roof or mast. We deliver masts in different material e.g. steel or aluminum. The masts can be reinforced by guy wires. Sensors are equipped with heating elements to prevent icing. Sensors and communication equipment connected with long copper cables are equipped with extra overvoltage protection. Analog and digital signals are if possible connected to isolated interfaces. In some cases, the sensors are connected to ground when inactive, to reduce the probability of damage by overvoltage in thunderstorms.

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