Remote-control systems


Scanmatic delivers different remote control system for the energy sector.

Relevant solutions for the energy sector are:

  • Remote control of power station
  • Remote control of transformer stations
  • Remote control of pumps


The solutions are often based on PLC, or embedded PC, equipped with the necessary IO. The IO can be centralized in a single cabinet or distributed over a bigger area e.g. in different rooms or buildings on the plant. A network solution based on Ethernet is typically used for communication.

The PLC can be equipped with a single CPU or with two CPUs for redundancy.

The PLC communicated with a top-level system e.g. SCADA system, via standard protocols like IEC 60870-5-101/104.

The remote-control system is often equipped with a local user interface based on touch-sensitive graphical displays.

The solution is often powered from a mains supply with a redundant battery bank e.g. +110/220 V DC or +24 V DC.

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