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Scanmatic has for a long time delivered bespoke control systems for use in the energy sector. The control systems are controlling electrical and hydraulic gates in a power plant and valves in pipes in the power plant. Existing manual controlled gates can be automated by interfacing the control system with the local user interface if it is available i.e. mimicking the behavior of an operator. It is also possible to install an electrical motor with integrated gearbox at the gate in parallel with the mechanical gate control interface for gates without an electric user interface. End stop switches and gate position sensor are typically also added. The control system is implemented in a PLC, IEC or datalogger. Interlocking is supported in HW and SW. The control system can be controlled through a local user interface or be remote controlled from SCADA or a data acquisition system (DAS). The user interface can be a classical user interface based on switches and lamps or a graphical user interface based on a touch panel. Typical control systems used in the energy sector are:
  • Control system controlling the water flow from dam.
  • Control system controlling the water flow in river.
  • Control system controlling the water level in a reservoir.


Different control system used as:
  • Set-point controller.
  • PID controller for use with small time delay between controller and measurement point.
  • Dahlin controller for use when there is a considerable time delay e.g. many hours between control system and measurement point.
The control systems are powered from the mains supply with battery backup or from a combination of solar panel, wind turbine, battery bank and generator. The generator is typically remote controlled and will be started when the gate shall be activated or when the battery bank needs to be charged up.

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