More wireless mooring line monitoring

Figure 1 Scanmatic Acoustic MLM on a Submerged Turret Production (STP) buoy. (Courtesy APL Norway AS)
Scanmatic’s systems provide situational awareness and early warning of irregularities. Our cost-effective solutions bring critical value to our customers in the form of operational safety and confidence.

Scanmatic continue to build a track record for our game changing solution for mooring line monitoring (MLM) using small underwater sensors with very long battery life and wireless hydroacoustic communication.

Just as the MLM system delivered last year for the Jubilee Buoy Turret Loading (BTL) offshore Ghana is coming online, Scanmatic has secured a new contract with APL Norway for the delivery of a similar system. This time the MLM system is for a Submerged Turret Production (STP) buoy used by the Ruby FPSO on the MJ field in the Bay of Bengal off the east coast of India.

The two deliveries are similar, with the main difference that the sensors in the new project will be installed onto the mooring links by ROV after the buoy is installed on the field and hooked up to the FPSO.

With an estimated battery life of more than 10 years, the small sensors will transmit the measured mooring line angle every 5 – 10 minutes. The data is fed to a topside system for data presentation and alarm handling.

Scanmatic is proud to again work on a prestigious project with APL Norway and look forward to new opportunities to deliver our trusted solutions. Please contact us for more information.

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