Havfarm hook-up news

Image courtesy: Nordlaks

Scanmatic is proud of our game changing contribution to mooring line installation operations!

The 385 m long Jostein Albert Havfarm 1 owned by Nordlaks was installed in Norway this June. A delivery from Scanmatic (a part of the Volue group), to the mooring system supplier Seasystems AS, contributed with valuable information during the mooring line hook-up operation.

Scanmatic’s delivered mooring line integrity monitoring system has small, wireless inclinometers attached to the mooring line chain stoppers. It provided the information used to verify that mooring lines where tensioned correctly with respect to the mooring analysis. The system performed well with good feedback from the users:
“We are very happy with the Scanmatic system and will gladly use it again” – Trond Haakstad Department Manager, SeaSystems AS

The Scanmatic system will now provide situational awareness and detect any irregularities or mooring line breakages, with an estimated battery life of more than 10 years.

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