Energy & Environment

Scanmatic uses cutting-edge expertise in sensor technology, data processing, data communication and power supply to make and deliver specialized instrumentation and communication solutions in the energy industry. We mostly supply solutions to the hydropower industry, but we also have deliveries to the wind and wave power industry.

Our solutions are mostly about instrumentation and sensor technology, and we have provided a wide range of solutions and services for data collection, communication, monitoring, remote control and automation.

 Current deliveries in the energy industry:

Scanmatic sells standard products from leading suppliers within data collection, sensors and communications. In addition, Scanmatic has developed some products tailored for the energy industry. Below is more information about some of these products:

References /  deliveries within the energy segment:

Scanmatic has long experience in project implementation. Through good routines and an established quality system, projects are carried out in a safe and secure manner.

We always follow the norms and rules that apply to the industry in conjunction with project execution and deliveries.


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Energy & Environment
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