Volue Industrial IoT has for the past 50 years developed and delivered advanced solutions within the field of Hydroacoustics, the study and application of sound under water. This October we completed another successful delivery to a customer in Vietnam.

Our solutions typically consist of hydrophones (underwater microphones) and transducers (underwater speakers) and can receive sound and generate signals such as pulses, echoes and broadband noise in various ways. The use cases for our solutions are varied and include marine environmental monitoring, sonar testing and operator training, and research applications.

The systems delivered by Volue Industrial IoT comes in different shapes and sizes. We offer free-floating buoy-based solutions (SONCAT or SONRAS), ship or land operated solutions (SONTAS), modules for integration in underwater vehicles (STM) and other specialized solutions. Our systems are generally compact and cost effective and provides excellent value for or customers.

The recent delivery is a Low Frequency Sonar Tester At Site (SONTAS LF) and a Standard Transducer Array (STA). This will be used by the Le Quy Don Technical University in Hanoi, Vietnam, for their research activities.

Low Frequency Transducer Array

The system’s main part is a rugged 19’’ rack-based control station with power supply, amplifiers, and electronics, which is controlled by a PC based graphical user interface. The system has two transducer arrays, low frequency and standard, for powerful sound output in the entire frequency range between 300 Hz and 50 kHz.

This delivery incorporates the recent development efforts from Volue Industrial IoT. It has our state-of-the-art electronics at its core, is running our updated control software and is controlled by our completely new user interface program.

We wish our customer all the best with their system and welcome new interests to get in contact.

Standard Transducer Array – STA