Approvals and HSE

Scanmatic works and performs its deliveries in a professional and careful manner, and emphasizes safety measures to safeguard life, health, property and the environment.

Volue Industrial IoT AS is ISO 9001 certified.

The company is a member of NORSIRK AS, which is a nationwide recycling company for the collection, recycling and environmentally sound handling of electrical and electronic waste.

The company has the necessary approvals as an installer in both high and low voltage and is registered in the Electricity Register.

The company is registered with the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority (NPT) as an authorized telecommunications installer (TIA), an authorized radio installer (RIA) and an authorized dealer (TUA).

We are registered in the following bases in the Achilles qualification schemes:

Contact us

Military and offshore

Christian Jørgensen +47 93 06 86 49


Stig Yngvar Nilsen +47 90 85 22 59

Energy and Environment

Nils Lofstad +47 91 64 79 22

Offshore & Marine

Alexander Overgaard
+47 40 17 00 10

Sales Manager

Marius Arion Nilsen
+47 95 84 90 67

Energy and Environment

Birgitte Centero Austefjord
+47 91 92 13 92

Service and support

Clas J. Garcia de Presno +47 92 41 78 26

Business Development Manager

Johannes Skar
+47 91 33 14 55

Please contact one of our dedicated salespeople for more information about Scanmatic and our solutions.