About Scanmatic

The Scanmatic Group today consists of 4 companies, Scanmatic AS, Scanmatic Elektro AS, Scanmatic InSitu AB and Scanmatic Instrument Technology AS.

Scanmatic AS currently has 51 employees and an annual turnover of approx. 110 MNOK. Scanmatic AS is headquartered at Krøgenes just outside Arendal.

Scanmatic Elektro AS, which offers installation, electrical contracting and construction of technical infrastructure, currently has 150 employees and an annual turnover of approx. 500 MNOK. Scanmatic Elektro has its own fiber division, which consists of 10 people, whose assignments are energy plants, municipalities, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. Typical clients are JBV, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, the Energy Works, Municipalities and other contractors. Scanmatic Elektro also has its own department within mobile and radio infrastructure. Scanmatic Elektro is headquartered in the same building as Scanmatic AS.

Scanmatic In Situ AB has offices in Stockholm, Ockelbo, Umeå and Skellefteå and offers the same solutions as Scanmatic AS and Scanmatic Instrument Technology AS to the Swedish market. In addition to high competence in wind power engineering and instrumentation as well as damistration. They are currently 12 employees and supply, among other things, measurement stations to SMHI (the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute), Statkraft, Vattenfall, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority and Eolus.

Scanmatic Instrument Technology AS (formerly ITAS) currently has 7 employees and is located in Ås, outside Oslo. Their customers include the Meteorological Institute, research environments and the aquaculture industry.

Our expertise

Scanmatic uses cutting-edge expertise in sensor technology, data processing and data communications to design and deliver instrumentation and communication solutions for the traffic sector.

Typical deliveries to the traffic sector are climate stations, SRO (Control, Regulation and Monitoring) systems for tunnels and bridges, ITV systems, sign management systems and other security and surveillance systems.

Scanmatic has long experience in project execution, and through good routines and an established quality system, projects are carried out at a safe and secure meeting.

We always follow the norms and rules that apply to the industry in connection with project execution and deliveries.

Established in 1971

Since its establishment in 1971, Scanmatic has focused on the development and delivery of quality products and systems in industrial instrumentation, monitoring and control systems to professional, industrial customers within traffic, military, offshore and renewable energy.

A typical Scanmatic delivery is a robust industrial system designed for high reliability and long service life in a demanding environment, often outdoors. Our solutions are based on open standards and often consist of a mixture of standard off the shelf HW and SW, own products and in-house developed SW.

We are happy to take total responsibility for system design, development, assembly, installation, commissioning and periodic maintenance.

We offer service and maintenance agreements with a guaranteed response time where we take over the operational responsibility of our customers to a greater or lesser extent. We have dedicated teams who travel around at regular intervals and perform periodic maintenance for our customers.


Contact us

Military and offshore

Christian Jørgensen
+47 93 06 86 49


Stig Yngvar Nilsen
+47 90 85 22 59

Energy and Environment

Nils Lofstad
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Service and support

Clas J. Garcia de Presno
+47 92 41 78 26

Sales Manager

Marius Arion Nilsen
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Business Development Manager

Johannes Skar
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Sales apprentice

Tor Andersen Ulltveit-Moe
Please contact one of our dedicated salespeople for more information about Scanmatic and our solutions.